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Terms & Conditions

Booking Guidelines - Standard check in time is 2:00PM while latest check out time is 11:00AM. Early check in and check out may be done upon request depending on availability of the rooms and may incur additional charges.
- An extra bed may be requested for certain rooms with an additional fee of Php 1,700 inclusive of breakfast meal.
- We ask that the guests follow the allowed capacity of each room. Children below 7 years old are exempted in the capacity count. A penalty of Php 4,500 may be charged for every individual exceeding the allowed capacity.
- Room bookings are considered as confirmed only when a confirmation email verifying the receipt of payment is sent by Bella Rosa Gardens.
- Confirmed bookings are non-refundable and non-transferable to any other date, guest and room with a lower rate.
- Guests may avail for a room upgrade on their booked dates depending on availability. Kindly email for inquiries.
- Complimentary bedroom slippers, toiletries, coffee, tea and water may be taken home by our guests. Other items to be taken home will be charged to the client according to its market value.
- Room layouts and decors on the photos may vary compared to the actual rooms.
- We trust that guests will exercise care when using the facilities within the Bella Rosa Gardens property. Smoking is allowed only in designated smoking areas in the property. We prohibit flushing of items such as food, oil, sanitary napkins, diapers in the toilet to avoid clogging of the drains. Guests will be charged should damages incur.
- For guests with Senior or PWD card, please book through so we can manually reflect the appropriate discounts.

- For guests who have 5 or more room bookings, you may choose to book online in this website or email us directly at

Pet Policies:
- Guests may only bring a maximum of 1 pet per room
- Guests who will be checking in with their pets (Domestic Cats and Dogs only) must register their pets in advance and provide proof of vaccination; especially anti-rabies.
- All pets must be on a leash, or in a carrier, and wearing diapers at all times and must be attended to by their owners at all times. Owners must tend to cleaning up after their pets, including picking up waste or excessive fur while inside the premises.
- Pets must be always under the care of their owners and are subject to addressing any complaints made by other guests such as noise or other disturbances should these pets become desruptive or aggressive in anyway.
- Hotel amenities such as bath towels, linens and showers, swimming pools, public restrooms must not be used for guest pets at any time. And all pets are allowed in their owners registered rooms and garden and alfresco areas only.
- A maintenance fee of Php 500 per night and pet will be charged to our pet-owner guests on top of the room fees.

For any inquiries related to Bella Rosa Accommodations, feel free to reach us at Thank you very much!


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